Qookie Mix - Shipping Included!
Qookie Mix - Shipping Included!
Qookie Mix - Shipping Included!

Qookie Mix - Shipping Included!

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Folks, if you've been lookin' for that freshly baked cookie experience straight out the oven, have we got a treat for you.  This Qookie Mix takes all the hassle out of the baking experience for you (ahem chopping chocolate), letting you get straight to the fun part, whippin' that dough right up.

What makes these cookies THE VERY BEST is their rest period, there's no getting around it, you're gonna need to let these beauties rest for 48-72 hours before you have the pleasure of baking/eating them.  Plan your life accordingly.

Yield: 25 full size or 50 mini cookies.  It's a lot- this mix alone is 4 pounds.


Sugar Mix, Flour Mix, Chocolate, Sea Salt, Parchment Paper (because we're the best), Pizza Box in case you're feelin' sweet and want to hand-deliver some treats to a friend (because you're the best)

Not included:

Butter, Vanilla, Eggs, Patience (don't say we didn't warn you)

**But make it vegan!  Use your fave butter/egg subs and VOILA it vegan!

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